Update 12/3

Everything has been happening so fast which is why my post is coming so late.  I can barely keep track of what day it is!  WIth that being said, I will be somewhat brief in my updates on my thesis project.  I took some time to sit down and map out a bit more of the story.  It is still far from finished, but it is coming along and I am satisfied with the progress that I have made up until this point.  I also have been able to sprinkle in some research time for all of the aspects that require it.  From the setting to the occupation of my main character, I am finally starting to put together a considerable lot of information that will be able to help me to form my story.

Additionally, one more update, I really began to think about what Dr. Zamora said about my piece and I think that I am definitely going to pivot to making this into more of a screenplay than a novel.  Frankly, that is how I have been conceptualizing my ideas, so it makes more sense for me to take it in that direction, and that really excites me moving forward with this work. 

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