Project Podcast

It is time for us to put together our final project and I am really excited for us to get started.  The overall idea of using a webpage where each of us can create and showcase our ideas in a fun, collaborative way.  What I have chosen to do for this project is to work in conjunction with Nieves on a podcast. With the overall theme of our project being “voice,” I think a podcast is a perfect medium for showcasing and discussing how we use our voice, and what goes into finding one’s voice.  I have been on a couple other podcasts, and having my own has been something I have wanted to do for some time now, so working through this project with Nieves may give me the jolt I need in order for me to get started with that. As the podcast idea pertains to our final project, I think it is a phenomenal way for us to discuss voice in a fun, yet deep and informative way.  Voice is so important because that “voice” helps to shape your identity in writing, performing, or anything else. I have mentioned in a previous blog post that the idea of remaining true to yourself and being authentic is really important. The podcast idea is a way for each of us to take a minute to discuss our voices and why they are important, as well as going on this kind of journey where we discover how each of us has been able to discover our voices.  I am really excited to have the opportunity to work with Nieves on this, as she seems to have the same kind of excitement as I do for producing such a thing. We’ve talked about it and are chomping at the bit to get this idea in motion and to start doing all of the recordings with ourselves, as well as the rest of the class. My hope is that the final product will showcase each of us, our voices, and the journey that helped each of us to cultivate our voices.

For anyone that has ever listened to a podcast, they know they can go in any direction.  I prefer podcasts done by comedians, because I think they are funny, and I always wanted to have one of my own.  However, I also listen to a multitude of different types of podcasts that I find interesting, and I find that it can be inspiring to listen to.  And in a way, I hope that is what people can get out of this recording; an inspiring listen to help people to find their voice and use it a manner that is meaningful to them.

Now to the plan:  Nieves and I have decided to do a podcast that will highlight the idea of voice, and what voice means to each of us.  The way Nieves and I want to go about it is going to be very fun while also allowing for each of us to get in touch with whatever it is that gives us our voice.  Since I cannot offer a “draft” per se of what the podcast will look/sound like (especially because Nieves and I are still figuring all of that out) I am going to just pout out what I envision for this podcast.  Nieves and I plan on starting it off by discussing voice with each other. Why is it important to us? How did we find our voice? How do we intend on using our voice for whatever it is we want to accomplish? This dialogue will set the stage for what is to be the most important part of the segment we will be doing.  Once we finish discussing it on our own, we will then take 2-3 minutes with each of our classmates to get a sense of what their part of the project is and how they are using it within the context of our conversation on voice. I believe we have such a unique and diverse group to work with and we all have some wonderful ideas, so I think it would be really interesting for us to have a chance to discuss inspirations and projected outcomes as to what they hope to get out of the project.  Considering how many moving parts that we have for this website (Shout out to Patricia for putting it together!) I believe that we will create something fun, yet meaningful for all to enjoy. The podcast is a way for anyone who goes to the site and checks in on the work that we’ve done to get a look behind the curtain and see what drove each of us to add our particular parts for the project. I think anything that we can use as a vehicle for people to see into the process can be inspiring for them, and I think that is what excites so much about the project as a whole.  The opportunity to inspire others to find their voice and use it in a way that is meaningful and important to them.  

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